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June 8, 2012
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.: Cirque des Reves : Casper du Reve :. by melloskitten .: Cirque des Reves : Casper du Reve :. by melloskitten
I love revamping this butt.


Finally, I finished him orz. I can die happily now O w O
This is my second app - for my new rp group.
I hope you join us, the opening is just around the corner! <3


✶ N A M E

Casper (Kahs - pur) du Rêve

✶ A G E


✶ S P E C I E S

(with traces of a sorcerer)

✶ F A C T I O N

Dream Faction

✶ J O B

Circus Director / Owner

✶ V O I C E…

✶ B I R T H D A Y

31st October

✶ P E R S O N A L I T Y

❊ modest
❊ hardworking
❊ clever
❊ discliplined
❊ dominant
❊ strong-willed
❊ responsible
❊ ambitious
❊ conscientous
❊ peaceful
❊ solitary
❊ serious (exceptions here, though)

Modest and hardworking, Monsieur Du Rêve is somebody who works and lives for his work, even if that means putting down himself and perhaps even people he loves and cares for. His job and position have shaped his demeanour throughout his life: Efficency, ambition and discipline are qualities he tries to achieve since being a young man, and secretly, his hopes evolve around being a perfect leader one day, though he doubts such a possible outcome.

Trying and aiming for the best are just one of his main goals, and though it may sound somewhat egocentric, in reality the Cirque Leader is the exact opposite of that. Seemingly a solitary and loner, Casper enjoys being alone and usually wants to be left alone, but occassionally seeks company amongst people. Though even then, he will most likely share his time with certain people he truly cares for from the bottom of his heart, since he is sceptical about relationships in general. He is open and kind to everybody he meets, willing to help and stand in for every single one of his performers.

The more you get into the depths of his personality, however, the more he'll get distant, only talking vague about his past or relationships with others in the Cirque. Very few people have experienced his straighforward tendencies, since he keeps those reserved for only a few people in his life. But, as much as he tries to be quiet about himself and things that concern his deepest thoughts, there are rare occasions when he lets things surface even in company of people he doesn't know that well. *cough* Whiskey *cough*

Polite and severe, the young man knows which responsibilities lie on his shoulders and is determined to give the best he can, thus expecting that same ambition from his performers, too. Disclipline and honest modesty are just a few things he cherishes, and he will most likely try to achieve his performers being exactly like that, though frankly, that's not possible.

One will rarely see the Director annoyed or angry, since he usually is a quite peaceful, conscientous personality. Avoiding violent leash outs strictly, the young man will rather state his opinions with eloquent argumentations than with use of physical violence.

There are however certain things that make him come to a state of mild annoyance. Not doing one's work and behaving inappropriatley towards other performers is one of these things that can make 'Normal Casper' turn into 'I will punish your ass - Casper'.

Under rare circumstances it may occur the Cirque Director feels the need to joke around, and to be slightly more detailled and let out ambigous comments for the sake of amusement. Mocking others is a thing he doesn't do often, but if he does, he'll wear his sweetest smirk and charm you right out of your pants with apologies dripping in emulsive sugar.

Unlike his younger sister, the man is the exact opposite of a vain, judgemental person. Trying to find the best in everybody, he puts other wellbeings over his own and usually merely cares about his own needs. Sometimes however, he realizes that being there for everybody but himself is slowly taking over him, and he tries to fight that by staying alone at times, trying to seek for inner peace, or atleast, something close to that. Secretly, he wishes for people to just listen to what he has to say, but his introverted attitude towards people other than Ace, Aceline and Natasha makes it hard to do so. Again, with the help of alcoholic beaverages, everything is possible. -//HIT

Other than that the Director subdues a certain uncertainity, though he tries his best to hide such inner tendencies. Unsure about his work in the cirque and especially himself, he often questions his own demeanour and feelings, for he usually hides them behind a cold layer of stoicness. Cold, emotionless he keeps his concerns to himself, locking them far away into the depth of his heart, for it is perhaps the only thing he can do about them.

Monsieur Du Rêve tries his best to stay the objective, silent leader of the Cirque des Reves, but occassionally shows that even he is a breathing, living human being fond of emotions and feelings.</blockquote>

✶ H I S T O R Y

Being born first to the famous, centuries old cirque family 'Du Rêve', Casper was being educated strictly from childhood on, both of his parents focussed on turning him into the perfect leader of the cirque when time came for a new director.
Jaque Du Rêve, the direct descendant of the well known french family was a severe, rigorous man, willing to pave his son's way to success and wealth. Alice Grey, Casper's mother, was the descendant of a noble, magical british family from London.

A caring, overprotective mother she was, trying to fulfil her first born child's every single wish with a smile on her pale white face. There was nothing that could make the young man turn away from her- she gave her everything for him, stood still for him when he got in trouble or had to face punishment, sat next to his bed in cold nights just to brush over his forehead and pat his head softly.

Just as big as his love for his mother was, the silent fear of his father grew. Not to be mistaken, Casper's father may have been a strict, discliplined man, a caring father, too, but his education was a harsh one. The first moment the young boy could think on his own his father took him everywhere with him: A young director was as good as an old one, and had to learn and do the exact same things like an adult had to.

The boy had issues with that, always running after his father and trying his best to impress him through his achievements. But oh how broken he was when his father couldn't even spare a 'well done' for him. It was a thing he had to learn to live with, and being taught to behave cold, emotionally calm since the very beginning, the boy was forced to behave like a grown up, when in fact, he just wanted to play and enjoy life like all the other children around him did. Instead of jumping around and singing 'ring around a rosie' the boy had to sit in his trailer and study languages, maths, all sorts of things he would perhaps never use in his life again.
'A leader is a teacher of wisdom. .. or do you want to writhe in ignorance just like these pathetic little maggots filling our tents, boy? ', his father used to say, candid words invading the little one's very soul. It was hard, but as much as the boy tried, it was never enough for his father.

It perhaps was a matter of different points of views, his mother's words echoed through his mind, painfully reminding him how desperately she was trying to cheer him up. But there was nothing she could cheer him up with. Nothing. And there was no single point in his life when the young man could feel proud of himself.

Always critisized, mocked, scorned even, he learned to live with it. Perhaps it was meant to be that way, the man figured when he grew older, responsibilities growing bigger and bigger with every day of his life. It was just a matter of time until he would take his father's place in the cirque, and Casper secretly hoped to finally be able to show him what he really could do.

However, it all came to an abrupt end one day in December, when his father died in a terribly unfortunate chain of events. It is not much known how the old director died, since Casper never talks about it, nor does his younger sister, but there are some hints in his demeanour that point to his belief of being responsible for his father's death. These are rare, though, and perhaps, it's all just a misunderstanding? Who knows?

Be it as it may, his relationship to his mother suffered a sudden break, too. Nobody really knows what made Casper turn against his mother in a way of almost furious hatred, but he most likely has a good reason for such a behaviour. He rarely, hardly ever speaks about her and if asked, he may even deny the fact that she is his mother.

Stepping up to his current position as the director of the Cirque des Reves, Casper doesn't look back to his past and tries to lock it far, far away from anybody else but his sister and his only true friend. That's how a real leader has to be.

✶ L I K E S

• the Cirque
• ambitious and hardworking people
• alcoholic beaverages, especially Whiskey *cough cough*
• horses
• white chocolate
• Darjeeling tea
• crepes
• his sister Aceline
(it is not known if there is a deeper relationship between those two, and, to put it blunt, I highly doubt he will tell you anythint more.)
• His best / only true friend Ace
(same game goes for his only friend Ace, too. Casper will never ever comment on their relationship in presence of other people.)
• His only female friend Natasha
(I can solemnly swear Casper won't say a word about their relationship.)
• rainy days
• playing the piano
(his mother had a superb playing technique and taught him how to play piano in his younger days)

✶ D I S L I K E S

• lazy, unresponsible and bad people
• loud, hottempered girls
(They make him feel awkward)
• candy
• smoking
(He holds an intense grudge against his sister's habit of smoking and smoking in general. Whenever he can, he'll tell you to turn your cigarette out immediatley, if you have one that is.)
• too many boys around Aceline AND NATASHA //CHOKES
/ too many girls around Ace //shotdead
• conceited people
• people that say bad things about Ace / Aceline / Natasha
• Drinking games
(Though he occassionally participates in them.)
• Rum

✶ F A M I L Y

• Younger Sister : Aceline Du Rêve

• Mother : Alice Grey ( still alive, but not mentally stable ; currently located in Bethlehem Hospital, London )

• Father : Jaque Du Rêve ( deceased )

✶ R E L A T I O N S H I P S

Bromance Q v Q// Best Friend : Ace Le Grand (Diamond Faction Leader)
Being friends since childhood, Ace is pretty much the only person that can truly say he knows the Circus Director, even with Casper's extremely introverted demeanour when it comes to personal questions. Despite Ace's quite special behaviour, (which Casper oddly finds extremely interesting) the two can be often seen together, and Ace's advises are one of the most important (if not the most) to Casper. He rarely argues with him, and has a strange habit of forcing Ace to remove his mask unwantedly. (using violence or not, the outcome is same. Ace does not stand a chance against the merciless struggles of the Director)

• Natasha (Staff Leader)

✶ O T H E R I N F O R M A T I O N

• Casper's scar on his right eye stems from an incident in his past. Casper and his younger sister came face to face with a lion. Unfortunatelly, the lion managed to attack the boy and sliced away parts of his flesh on the right side of his face. Thanks to his mother the wound closed up quite quickly though, leaving a scar behind.
This is the explanation he gives. But it's up to you to believe him~ //hint hint nudge nudge
• Since Casper has the same traits of sorcerer blood in his veins just like his sister, he loves entertaining the visitor with magic spells and tricks.
• Casper loves showing off his magic power - he likes transforming things and putting smiles on other people's faces with his power.
• The Cirque Director has a hidden, sadistic vein he rarely lets surface. It doesn't happen often, and when it does, it's mostly because he is utterly annoyed or just plain mad.
• Just like his sister Casper enjoys pondering about philosophical questions with his performers, though his attitude is not as dark and grim as hers. He will innerly question everything however, and is fascinated when people give him back well thought out answers.

✶ P r e f f e r e d R P M e t h o d s

Notes, Google Docs, Skype.
(though I really love Google Docs, it's easy to keep track on the RPs that way!)
Add me: epicevilchipmunk
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I would actually describe this guy as my perfect character. Almost everything I like in a character is here. Did you read my mind?
LiveAndDie40 Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*q* Holy...I'm fangirling over this right now..:icongyaaplz:
LightningEffect Jun 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Okay lemme just. Omg my child, my precious precious child. :iconkissforeheadplz:

This revamp, he looks so goddamn drop dead gorgeous and attrractice and so elegant ide. How does he always manage to look so elegant ahh. :icongyaa2plz:

Hnnnn and that revamped bio. OMFG That bio. And his relationships, oh I know your relationship status with all those people yes I do eue Dont worry I wont tell anyone //slapped

But omg back to that bio, I adore your writing, why are you so good at writing. I just. The way you write I dont know how to explain this in words, its just so elegant and lovely. Ahh, and the hints to him killing his father rather than him dying naturally..ohoh e v e Hmm I wonder.

You know I've never rped with Casper properly. I really need to do this, if you're up for it that is. I know you prefer rping with Aceline, I don't want to force you into anything uu

//now casually picks up and runs off with him in my arms <3 :iconpervheplz:
BumpyTheShroom May 24, 2013  Professional General Artist
I love him! He's adorable. :3
amg thanks a bunch bby!! ❤❤
BumpyTheShroom Jun 23, 2013  Professional General Artist
XD You're welcome! :3
Shintari May 13, 2013  Student General Artist
HACHJA immer diese sexy outfits~ <3
HACH dankeschön shinbabu e v e <333
Nessceary May 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
//flips table because of awesomeness
Ehrlich Mello. Ich dachte schon beim ersten Revamp Casper geht nicht besser, dann das zweite und jetzt das! :iconlazepoolplz: Was tust du meinem herz an? Er sieht so wonderful aus!
HurrHurr Vorallem die Narbe hast du glaube ich dieses Mal auf eine andere art und Weise Gemalt, wirkt echt super!
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