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June 8, 2012
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.: Cirque des Reves : Casper du Reve :. by melloskitten .: Cirque des Reves : Casper du Reve :. by melloskitten

Yup, we're back. Polished and 1000% more sexy.

not sure if that applies to casper though.

Additional References casper - additional refs by melloskitten 


Casper du Rêve

♕ Age


♕ Birthday

31st October

♕ Species



Dream Faction ♕

♕ Job

Circus Director


✦ chivalrous
✦ polite
✦ well-mannered

✦ modest
✦ disciplined
✦ responsible

✧ dominant
✧ rigorous
✧ strong-willed
✧ dubious
✧ solitary
✧ stern (exceptions possible though)
✧ flirt
✧ exaggarated perfectionist
✧ solemn

Casper's entire behaviour and personality are essentially shaped by his chivalrous, stern, and gentleman-like attitude. His manners are polite and courteous, he is gentle and reserved, and knows how to start conversations and how to keep them going. He faces each and every individual with utmost respect and dignity, no matter which social class they may stem from. Even when meeting rather solemn, reticent and/or rough people, Casper will always hold up his facade of a true gentleman.

Additionally, his way of pursuing his dreams and working is very disclipined, ambitious, and he sees himself responsible for everything that happens to the Cirque. Although he may have a very high position in terms of Cirque Leaders, Casper's behaviour  never experiences a selfish, egoistical strain.

However, even though he attempts to hide his negative character traits most of the time, Casper is an outstandingly dominant, rigorous and solitary person. He expects obedience and loyalty from every single one of his performers, and tends to become harsh and scrupulous (but still composed and calm) when a person openly lacks these things. When not being 'forced' to comunicate with others, (e.g. when he's not working or he doesn't have to keep up a small talk with somebody because of his gentleman manners) he likes being completely alone and rarely talks to anybody if it doesn't serve some sort of purpose. 

♕ History

Being born first to the famous, centuries old cirque family 'Du Rêve', Casper was being educated strictly from childhood on, both of his parents focussed on turning him into the perfect leader of the cirque when time came for a new director. 
Jaques Du Rêve, the direct descendant of the well known french family was a severe, rigorous man, willing to pave his son's way to success and wealth. Alice Grey, Casper's mother, was the descendant of a noble, magical british family from London and a very caring, overprotective and loving mother. Even though his father could get very difficult at times, his mother stood by his side and supported everything he did. 

Casper loved his mother dearly, but just as much as he loved his mother, he feared his father and his judgement. Not to be mistaken, Casper's father may have been a strict, discliplined man, a caring father, too, but his education was a harsh one, and thus it lead to Casper never being quite sure what to do or how to behave to finally live up to his father's expectations. His father highly encouraged his son turning into a mature person as soon as possible, so Casper never really managed to enjoy his childhood quite as much as his younger sister. There were too many things he had to learn, and too many things he had to do that were more important than playing outside and strolling around in the sun and enjoying life to its fullest.

His father's stern and strict actions led to Casper having severe self-esteem issues. He'd always come running after his father, trying his best to impress him through his achievements, but his father never even managed to spare a 'well done' or anything to show gratitude towards his son's actions. And, as the years went by, Casper just happened to learn to live with the fact that there was no single point in his life he could feel proud of himself.

However, it all came to an abrupt end when his father died in a terribly unfortunate chain of events. It is not known how the old director died, since Casper never talks about it, (nor does his younger sister) but there are some hints in his demeanour that point to his belief of being responsible for his father's death. These are rare, though.

His relationship to his mother suffered a sudden break, too. Nobody really knows what made Casper turn against his mother in a way of furious hatred, but he most likely has a good reason for such a behaviour. He rarely, hardly ever speaks about her and if asked, he may even deny the fact that she is his mother.

Stepping up to his current position as the director of the Cirque des Reves, Casper doesn't look back to his past and tries to lock it far, far away from anybody else but his sister and his only true friend. That's how a real leader has to be.

♕ Voice…  THANK YOU MEI 

♕ Likes
  • ambitious and hardworking people
  • alcoholic beaverages, especially Whiskey ( he's not a drinker, though. )
  • horses 
  • white chocolate
  • Darjeeling tea
  • playing the piano ( his mother had a superb playing technique and taught him how to play )


  • lazy/unresponsible/bad people
  • loud/hottempered girls, unless they charm him right out of his pants//slapped
  • smoking. ( he holds an intense grudge against his sister's habit of smoking )
  • drinking games ( though he occassionally participates in them )
  • all sorts of fish


  • Mother : Alice Grey ( still alive, but not mentally stable ; currently located in Bethlehem Hospital, London )
  • Father : Jaques Du Rêve ( deceased )

♕ Relationships

  • Bromance Q v Q// Best Friend : Ace Le Grand (Diamond Faction Leader)
Being friends since childhood, Ace is pretty much the only person that can truly say he knows the Circus Director, even with Casper's extremely introverted demeanour when it comes to personal questions. Despite Ace's quite special behaviour, (which Casper oddly finds extremely interesting) the two can be often seen together, and Ace's advises are one of the most important (if not the most) to Casper. He rarely argues with him, and has a strange habit of forcing Ace to remove his mask unwantedly. (using violence or not, the outcome is same. Ace does not stand a chance against the merciless struggles of the Director)


  • Leti (Treasurer)
'Aquaintance' from his childhood days. Even though he never seemed very fond of her when he was a kid, Casper values Leti very highly and enjoys her company, even puts her wellbeing above others.

  • Arisa (Red Faction Leader)
Close friend of Casper - he still thinks he can get to know her better, though. 

  • Jonah  (White Faction Leader)

♕ Misc.

  • Casper's scar on his right eye stems from an incident in his past. Casper and his younger sister came face to face with a lion. Unfortunatelly, the lion managed to attack the boy and sliced away parts of his flesh on the right side of his face. Thanks to his mother the wound closed up quite quickly though, leaving a scar behind.
This is the explanation he gives. But it's up to you to believe him.
  • Casper loves showing off his magic power - he likes transforming things and putting smiles on other people's faces with his power.
  •  The Cirque Director has a hidden, sadistic vein he rarely lets surface. It doesn't happen often, and when it does, it's mostly because he is utterly annoyed or just plain mad. (and that reaally only happens once in a blue moon.)
  • Just like his sister Casper enjoys pondering about philosophical questions with his performers, though his attitude is not as dark and grim as hers. He will innerly question everything however, and is fascinated when people give him back well thought out answers.

♕ RP methods

Google docs and skype uvub Just hit me up if you feel like RPing ; 7 ; 

flops away happily
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