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June 6, 2012
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.: Cirque des Reves : Aceline du Reve :. by melloskitten .: Cirque des Reves : Aceline du Reve :. by melloskitten
haha what is art. i dont know. what is style. i dont know either. ENJOY



✶ N A M E

Aceline (Ah-ceh-leen) du Rêve

✶ A G E


✶ S P E C I E S

(with traces of a sorceress)

✶ F A C T I O N

Dream Faction

✶ J O B

Vice Circus Director / Owner

✶ V O I C E

EDIT : New Voice ~… 0:55

✶ B I R T H D A Y

24th December

✶ P E R S O N A L I T Y

❖ extroverted
❖ brutal
❖ conceited
❖ cheerful (rarely, though~)
❖ stoic
❖ graceful
❖ stubborn
❖ charming
❖ friendly and polite (mostly)
❖ vain
❖ judgemental

Aceline's demeanour is shaped by different, maybe even contradictory characteristics.
Extremely extroverted and somewhat talkative, she is a girl to most certainly engage you in conversation, whether you like it or not~ Her point of view is mostly based on herself, her demeanour and her influence, so don't wonder if she ends up talking mostly about herself. Despite the fact that she can easily twist people around her little finger, Aceline is quite coldhearted and silent when it comes to information about herself, be it emotional or about her past life. Her snow white doll mask of stoicness is perfectly intact, thus she very rarely (if not hardly ever) lets emotions spread over it. She is aware of the fact that some people call her 'cold' and 'emotionless', but that coldness usually vanishes quickly when she gets to know them better. It is mostly a matter of getting to know each other when it comes to her opening up. After all, she's just a young girl, still a bit unsure and innocent, but Aceline is outstandingly good at hiding these girlish characteristics of hers. Especially the 'innocent' bits. If you know what I mean
Another trait of her personality is the fact that she is quite brutal, especially in show. Blood, gore, anything other people might find disgusting fascinates her from the bottom of her heart. Both mental and physical brutality can be expected from her, but mostly she sticks up with the 'mental' version of it - Words can hurt, too, right? Though she's quite fond of being this way, Aceline usually holds back her slightly sadistic vein. For the sake of her performers, of course.
To add up to her 'rich little brat' image, mademoiselle du Rêve is judgemental, vain and most of all- conceited. These traits are usually common when first meeting her, but after some time she'll let drop those and let thoughts escape her that don't fit with this behaviour. Aceline is terribly annoyed by the fact that she is not perfect and thus secretly scorns herself for being so. Though she gives her best at everything, she is never satisfied with her work. Imperfection, especially her own one, is the only true weak spot she has ~ however, despite that, certain people can make her believe she'll be perfect one day and reach the goal she yearns for so badly. Little solace it is, but it makes her life more bearable.
Though not many people experience the Miss' hidden self doubt and inquisitiveness , she enjoys asking questions and innerly casts doubts on everything, from little, insignificant all-day happenings to deeper philosophical questions, depending on her current mood. Always seeking for new answers, she most certainly enjoys being engaged in such conversations- Even if it means accepting personal defeat while doing so.
Polite and graceful, Aceline can be quite the charmer sometimes. Words dripping in thick emulsive honey for the sake of her head are rare, but happen ocasionally. Her mannerisms are usually strict and disciplined and she knows how a true 'primadonna' has to behave in order to survive in the twisted world she lives in. Lead by the dark and grim desires of the damned society Aceline plays by the rules, laughing at life as it is the only true joke her pathetic existence has been granted with.

✶ H I S T O R Y

Aceline was born as the second child of the noble family 'du Rêve'. Her father, Jaque du Rêve, was the descendant of a centuries old circus family, and her mother, Alice Grey, a lady from a british noble house, which had deep, almost ancient roots in magic and thus consisted of pure blood sorerers and witches.
Since Aceline was a baby she had always travelled with the circus. Her mother taught her how to write, read and sing, and how to act like a lady. She was very eager to learn and quickly was ahead of her peers, that way getting bored easily when spending time with other children. Most of them didn't quite understand what she wanted to tell them, so she often ended up wandering off to more intellectual people around her. Aceline always got what she wanted, her father giving her any present she wanted, be it expensive or cheap. Her parents explained this with the fact that she was a girl, and girls deserved to have dresses, new shoes, new toys and so on.
When Aceline made up her mind and decided to spend some time with her peers she always played with everyone, often acting as the leader among her friends and organizing little tea parties only for them. However, Aceline never really managed to develop something like 'true' friendship, though she most certainly was the center of attention around her companions. She saw many of them as friends, but 'friends' was a term that seemed to be quite shallow in meaning to her.
Being granted with unstable health and long illness periods in childhood, she spent most of her time sitting inside her trailer and playing with either Nuru or her brother.
It was clear that Aceline would never pursuit the Circus business because she was a girl and had to get married to a nobleman one day, but, after many failed attempts, Aceline finally persuaded her father to pass her down the leadership of the Circus, and now she stands at the side of her brother, acting as the Vice-Circus Director.

Remembering certain happenings in her past make her usually straighforward and stoic habits drop into melancholy and bitter sadness, mostly because of the fact that she blames herself for the death of her father and her mother's mental disease. The reason for both her father's death and mother's illness are not known, since she (and her brother) keep solemnly quiet about it and usually back off when it comes to that subject. Who knows if anybody will ever even find out...?

✶ L I K E S

❤ gambling
❤ smoking
❤ singing
❤ ambitious and hardworking people
❤ dark chocolate (ohoho give her dark chocolate and she'll love you for the rest of her life)
❤ dangerous, risky and lifethreatening performances
❤ her pet panther 'Nuru'
❤ her brother Casper only as a brother, good grief// shotdead
A certain dark clown. e v e

✶ D I S L I K E S

✕ alcohol in general
✕ not being 'perfect'
✕ popcorn - even just the smell of it
✕ her childish/boyish body proportions
✕ mortality
girls with waaay too big breasts //shotagain

✶ F A M I L Y

• Older brother : Casper du Rêve

• Mother : Alice Grey ( still alive, but not mentally stable ; currently located in Bethlehem Hospital, London )

• Father : Jaque du Rêve ( deceased ; cause of death : death by avalanche )

✶ R E L A T I O N S H I P

Q u Q /
I don't really think I need to put down anything here. :iconheplz:

✶ O T H E R I N F O R M A T I O N

• Nuru is Aceline's beloved pet, a black tamed panther that follows her around everywhere. She got him as a little child when the circus visited a city in India, where her father bought it from an ominous looking street vendor. Since then, the relationship between her and her pet grew, and Nuru was trained to live with humans. Nuru would never hurt anybody, not even if he sees his master is extremely angry and mad at him.
He will mostly follow Aceline around, out of view from visitors, because people usually freak out and panic when they see him.Nuru only lets Aceline pet him and will hiss at anybody who attempts to touch him. The only exception is Casper, for whom Nuru shows deep respect.
Nuru sleeps with Aceline in her bed, usually lying next to her or warming her feet, especially in winter. But I'm not sure if her bed is big enough for three e v e //shot
• Aceline has traits of sorcerer blood from her mother's family in her veins, and thus entertains the visitors with special magic spells and charms while she moderates the show in the Main Tent.
• When wanting to impress people around her, she usually changes her appeareance - mouth widening grotesquely from one ear to another or randomnly changing her eye color are just minor things she can do with her abilities.
• Aceline's most favourite company while performing on stage are pitch black, slimey tentacles that tend to appear out of nowhere, slowly grasping and attempting to kill everybody within their reach. They play by her will and can be seen as visual embodiments of her own subtle brutality. It's all for the show, of course ~ There is no need for fear of being killed since Aceline never lets it come to that, though.
• Her stage outfit differs a lot, mostly depending on the Faction that currently rules the Cirque. and Mello's current fashion preferences //shot

✶ P r e f f e r e d R P M e t h o d s

Google Docs, Notes , everything actually ; v ;
But I have Skype, too ~
Add me : epicevilchipmunk


If you've managed to read it all through without dying of derp-overload, here, take your nutella = y =

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PrincesTomboy Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's really pretty, but I think for the time period she's based in she'd be considered to be showing too much? Value dissonance and all that. Bare shoulders might be acceptable for the job, but most of her legs' details visible is kind of like going shirtless. She'd be a lovely character if the skirt covered the front like it did the back, though, and presumably she still wouldn't trip on it.
Also the tame panther isn't realistic but neither are magic powers so I think the latter can justify the former fine.
Beautiful character and nice design ;)
Heeeeeey classy lady @ her new all black dress

It is gorgeous, and I love how you kept the hi-low skirt from the previous one.
Checkmate74 Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's so beautiful!! <33 I love the way you draw faces 
and your coloring
and your style
pretty much everything//shot
OHMYGOSH she looks so elegant!~ *^*

i swear kes is not beautiful enough to be working for this gorgeous lady
oh my god what no dont say that askldfj


dont say that asdf

CrazyAnime3 Aug 12, 2013   Traditional Artist
Beautiful and elegant~:heart: I love her hair!
i am very very glad you like her darling!! ; V ; <333
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