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June 6, 2012
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.: Cirque des Reves : Aceline du Reve :. by melloskitten .: Cirque des Reves : Aceline du Reve :. by melloskitten

:iconmingplz: deprived teenage years? GO~

Additional References  Acelinesmallref3 by melloskitten 


Aceline du Rêve

♕ Age


♕ Birthday

24th December

♕ Species



Dream Faction ♕

♕ Job

Vice Circus Director


✦ extroverted
✦ cheerful (rarely)
✦ emotional 
✦ graceful
✦ charming
✦ friendly and polite (mostly)

✧ spoiled
✧ dependent
✧ stubborn 
✧ vain 
✧ judgemental (not openly judgemental though-)
✧ finicky
✧ hard  person who is difficult to deal with.
✧ impatient

Aceline's behaviour and attitude tends to change depending on what kind of emotional state she is in. Unlike her older brother, she is openly communicative, huge extrovert, and can be sweet and charming, but does not meet everybody with equal politeness. She's a quite judgemental girl, and prejudices can stop her from taking a liking to somebody - normally, she won't 'waste her time' with 'normal people', but when a person has that special something that seems interesting to her (this can literally be somebody's posture or the way they walk or smirk when somebody mocks them-), there's nothing that will stop her from trying to start a conversation with them. This is the way she behaves when her current emotional state is rather neutral, but if she is sad or depressed for some reason, she will less likely be ready to start a conversation or walk up to somebody or even try to keep a conversation going.

Even though she tries her best to show her best side when talking to strangers and/or friends, deep inside Aceline is a very stubborn, vain and judgemental person, putting her own wellbeing above those of others. She does not back off when in a verbal fight, and hates being in the wrong - sometimes she twists around her own words just not to lose in a fight or admit she was wrong in the first place. 

♕ History

Aceline was born as the second child of the noble family 'du Rêve'. Her father, Jaque du Rêve, was the descendant of a centuries old circus family, and her mother, Alice Grey, a lady from a british noble house of sorcerers.

Since Aceline was a baby she had always travelled with the circus. Her mother taught her how to write, read, and how to act like a lady. She was very eager to learn (she didn't have friends and the only person she liked spending time with was 8 years older than her and busy most of the time), so she quickly was ahead of her peers. Most of them didn't quite understand what she wanted to tell them, so she often ended up wandering off to to her room and playing by herself. Aceline always got what she wanted - Her father would always give her the thing she wanted, be it expensive or cheap. 

When Aceline made up her mind and decided to try to spend some time with her peers she liked organizing little tea parties only for them. Sadly, not many peers were interested in her silly little meetings so she ended up spending them alone with Nuru and her dolls. Even so, it's not really strange Aceline never really managed to develop something like 'true' friendships. The few people she knew didn't call her their friend, so the term 'friends' was something she lost interest in a while ago. 

It was clear that Aceline would never pursuit the Circus business because she was a girl and had to get married to a nobleman one day, but, after many failed attempts, Aceline finally persuaded her father to pass her down the leadership of the Circus, and now she stands at the side of her brother, acting as the Vice-Circus Director.

Remembering certain happenings in her past make her usually straighforward and charming habits drop into melancholy and bitterness, mostly because of the fact that she blames herself for the death of her father and her mother's mental disease. The reason for both her father's death and mother's illness are not known, since she (and her brother) keep solemnly quiet about it and usually back off when it comes to that subject. Who knows if anybody will ever even find out...?

♕ Voice…

♕ Likes
  • gambling
  • smoking
  • dark chocolate
  • dangerous, risky, and lifethreatening performances
  • her pet 'Nuru'
  • being in her room alone 


  • alcohol in general, she never drinks.
  • not being 'perfect'
  • being a slave of her own emotions most of the time.
  • her boyish body proportions
  • mortality
  •  girls with waaay too big breasts //shotagain


  • Mother : Alice Grey ( still alive, but not mentally stable ; currently located in Bethlehem Hospital, London )
  • Father : Jaque Du Rêve ( deceased )

♕ Relationships


  • O.Waltz (Black Faction Leader)
One of Aceline's favorite friends. She enjoys her company a lot and tends to dress her up just for the heck of it. 

  • Leti (Treasurer)
Closest friend since childhood. Leti took care of Aceline while she was a child, and Aceline loved her dearly. Now that she's back, Aceline tends to bug her and spend time with her even though Leti would probably rather spend her time counting coins e v e 

  • Darcy Leveque (Diamond Faction member)
Aceline is extremely fond of this young man- sometimes she thinks she's bugging him too much even, but on the outside nobody would ever think that.

  • Aless (circus member)
well well well let's say this is a very interesting relationship e o e

  • Nuru (her pet panther, can transform into a human form though)
Nuru literally is the little sister Aceline never had. Most of the time she will just annoy the lights out of Nuru for fun and force her to go back to her old form. Even though it might seem like a rather funny relationship, Aceline loves Nuru from the depth of her heart.

♕ Misc.

  •  Nuru is Aceline's beloved pet, a black tamed panther that follows her around everywhere. She got her as a little child when the circus visited a city in India, where her father bought it from an ominous looking street vendor. Since then, the relationship between her and her pet grew, and Nuru was trained to live with humans. Nuru would never hurt anybody, not even if she sees her master is extremely angry and mad at them.
    She will mostly follow Aceline around, out of view from visitors, because people usually freak out and panic when they see her. Nuru only lets Aceline pet her and will hiss at anybody who attempts to touch her. The only exception is Casper, for whom Nuru shows deep respect. Whenever Nuru turns into her human form her personality differs from this.

♕ RP methods

Google docs and skype uvub Just hit me up if you feel like RPing ; 7 ; 

flops away happily EVEN HAPPIER sobs
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